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“David Gemmell tells a tale of very real adventure, the stuff of true epic fantasy.”—R. A. Salvatore

Druss, Captain of the Ax, is the stuff of legends. Tales of his battles are told throughout the land, and the stories expand with each telling. But Druss himself grows older, until finally,…

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Legend and the rest of the Drenai saga were required reading for initiation into a fraternity that I joined many years ago. I can say these books were by far and away the most enjoyable required reading that I have ever been assigned. David Gemmell’s greatest strength is his ability to manage a vast cast of characters and keep the reader’s interest maintained in each and every one. He is an author who is lauded by his peers as one of the best to ever write in the epic fantasy genre and rightfully so.

Druss the Legend!

David Gemmell’s action scenes blew me away as a young reader. He doesn’t leave anything to the imagination but instead plants a crisp, vivid image into your brain and dares you to look away. But he knows you won’t. Or can’t. Legend is his first book and it was always in the back of my mind as I was writing my own saga because they both tell the story of a siege for the ages. Gemmell was an avid reader of history and is known for saying how he always wanted to write historical fiction but found…

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Druss, saddled with the blood of a butcher and wielder of a demon-possessed axe, is a man who knows just how far he could fall and exactly what kind of monster he could become. But with an iron moral code, and perfect devotion to his mystical wife, he earns renown on battlefield after battlefield and grows into a living legend. His inner conflicts sometimes spill outside of his head; he can be harsh, even brutal, but the code that defines him sets limits and forms the framework for the man he ultimately becomes. 

I was first drawn to Legend by…

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The Forest Knights

By J. K. Swift,

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J. K. Swift Author Of Acre

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Why am I passionate about this?

I love a good fight scene! It doesn’t need to be long and gruesome, but it must be visceral and make me nervous for those involved. Don’t get me wrong, I also love a good first-kiss scene but unfortunately, my past has made me more adept at recognizing and writing one over the other. I started training in martial arts at the age of nine and continued for thirty years. I don’t train much these days but I took up bowmaking a few years back and now spend a lot of time carving English longbows and First Nations’ bows. I recently also took up Chinese archery.

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What is my book about?

The greatest underdog story of the medieval age.

A wild land too mountainous to be tamed by plows. A duke of the empire, his cunning overshadowed only by his ambitions. A young priestess of the Old Religion, together with a charismatic outlaw, sparking a rebellion from deep within the forests. And an ex-Hospitaller caught between them all.

The Forest Knights

By J. K. Swift,

What is this book about?

A druid priestess enlists the help of an ex-Hospitaller warrior and a charismatic outlaw to fight Austrian tyranny in medieval Switzerland. A subtle blend of fantasy and history, ALTDORF (Book 1) tells the events leading up to one of the greatest underdog stories of the medieval age, the Battle of MORGARTEN (Book 2).

David Gemmell has a way of hooking you into his novels. It was with Legend that I found my passion for fantasy, reading about Druss in his tales of courage and sacrifice, the bitterness he endured, and the fame he got for it. This tale will take you on a journey you did not even know you wanted to take.

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