I'm a Hare, So There!

By Julie Rowan-Zoch,

Book cover of I'm a Hare, So There!

Book description

An exasperated hare and plucky squirrel engage in a battle of wits to determine who's who in this hilarious author-illustrator debut for fans of I Yam a Donkey and Grumpy Monkey. When a chipmunk mistakes Hare for a rabbit, Hare puts him in his place. But actually, the chipmunk is…

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This is another book about appreciating differences told with in-your-face humor using a case of mistaken identity. When a chipmunk accuses a hare of being a rabbit, the hare stands up for itself. In doing so, hare describes the traits of a hare versus a jackrabbit. It’s a simple way to show kids the difference between animals that seem alike but are not. Like a turtle and a tortoise. Turns out chipmunk is not who hare thinks he is! A fun way to learn about desert creatures.

From Natasha's list on bunny books by a bunny lover.

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