Hands Around the Library

By Karen Leggett Abouraya, Susan L. Roth (illustrator),

Book cover of Hands Around the Library: Protecting Egypt's Treasured Books

Book description

The inspiring true story of demonstrators standing up for the love of a library, from a New York Times bestselling illustrator

In January 2011, in a moment that captured the hearts of people all over the world, thousands of Egypt's students, library workers, and demonstrators surrounded the great Library of…

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This is a wonderful, uplifting story that provides a springboard for conversations about how governments don't all give their people the same rights. It showcases an incident during the pro-democracy demonstrations of the Arab Spring of 2011 in Egypt. As a bonus, this book also celebrates the tremendous value of libraries. It tells the stirring (and true) tale of people of all stripes joining hands to defend the great library of Alexandria against possible damage during the unrest.

As with the other recommended books, children are a key part of the story's action. The narration is kid-friendly and engaging and…

In 2011, when violent protests rocked Egypt, thousands of people joined hands and formed a human chain to surround and protect the library in Alexandria. This true story is told from the perspective of the librarian who feared his library would be destroyed until the moment that book lovers joined together to save it. Beautiful illustrations by the collage artist Susan Roth.

From Annette's list on children’s books for library lovers.

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