Earth's Wild Music

By Kathleen Dean Moore,

Book cover of Earth's Wild Music: Celebrating and Defending the Songs of the Natural World

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Earth's Wild Music was published just last year. Kathleen Dean Moore is a naturalist and philosopher, with a keen ear and searching eye. I love the form of this book (a gathering of short essays, or what the poet Ross Gay called “essayettes”) ranging widely across geography and time. It reaches back to my book on slowing down, and forward into my current project, which has to do with the art of listening. The writer Elizabeth Kolbert calls it “a love song to a vanishing world.”

From Christian's list on for taking time to stop and listen.

The great and wise philosopher/environmentalist takes music to be a metaphor for how to still trust beauty in our surrounding world despite all the bad news we hear about it. Sense the sublime in nature out there, but still dare to do better as a human in this world. Only this can save us.

From David's list on to make you want to change the world.

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