The best romance with positive representation of Latina women and Latine(x) communities

Ofelia Martinez Author Of Remission
By Ofelia Martinez

Who am I?

I write romance with Latinas on top. Strong, confident, and successful women (or women on their path to success) who are also sex-positive and know what they want are featured in all my work. I’m passionate about this type of representation of my community because until recently, it has been incredibly difficult to find. While the stories of our struggles are important stories to tell and read, I want to read more stories of our triumphs. Latina women have among the lowest reading for fun rates of any group, but why would we read for fun when we are not seeing our reflection anywhere on the page? This is why representation is so important.

I wrote...


By Ofelia Martinez,

Book cover of Remission

What is my book about?

This slow-burn, steamy, age-gap contemporary romance is full of positive Latine(x) representation. They are both physicians and researchers. He’s her mentor and off-limits, and she will not risk her career for the sake of her heart. 

The sexual tension between Dr. Hector Medina and Dr. Carolina Ramirez might melt your e-reader. Remission is a complete standalone novel in the Heartland Metro Hospital series with a guaranteed happily ever after.

The books I picked & why

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After Hours on Milagro Street

By Angelina M. Lopez,

Book cover of After Hours on Milagro Street

Why this book?

Angelina M. Lopez is my all-time favorite romance author. With beautiful prose and incredible wit, she always delivers on the steamy as well as the positive representation of Latina women.

After Hours on Milagro Street is her latest release featuring a fire-cracker, prickly heroine clad with tattoos and a partially-shaved head. Dead-set on saving the family bar, the only person standing in her way is an incredibly hot professor wanting to turn the bar into a historical museum. 

This book has a special place in my heart because it takes place in small-town Kansas, highlighting the little-known vibrant Mexican-American communities that settled here with the railroads and have stayed for generations. 

Come for the feels and history, and stay for the scorching-hot steamy scenes with the hot professor. 

Feast of Sparks

By Sierra Simone,

Book cover of Feast of Sparks

Why this book?

Sierra Simone is the queen of diversity inclusion in romance. The Thornchapel series is my favorite by her. While I do recommend you start with Book 1, A Lesson in Thorns, Book 2 is where we get St. Sebastian Martinez’s voice and perspective. 

St. Sebastian is the first character I ever read in romance that embodied the otherness I felt growing up Mexican-American. 

This book is extremely taboo and not for the faint of heart. Come for a diverse cast with the dreamiest narrative voice (think an adult, BDSM, version of the secret garden), and stay for characters you will fall in love with. 

A Caribbean Heiress in Paris

By Adriana Herrera,

Book cover of A Caribbean Heiress in Paris

Why this book?

This is by far my favorite historical romance. Don’t be fooled by the Victorian-era cover with a beautiful Dominican woman—this book is steamy. If you’ve ever read Herrera, you know she delivers oh-so-satisfying sex scenes, with an incredibly witty-narrative voice. 

Luz Alana travels to Paris with her younger sister and best friends for the World Expo where she will introduce her family’s rum. The only problem is she can’t access her inheritance until she marries. 

Enter hot Scottish Earl perfection James Evanston. 

It was incredibly refreshing seeing Dominican representation on the page in a historical context. 

Marriage of Convenience + incredibly well-researched history = one unputdownable read.

White Wedding

By Carla Luna,

Book cover of White Wedding

Why this book?

Whenever I need a low-angst, light-hearted rom-com, Carla Luna is my go-to. White Wedding is my favorite of hers, featuring hot, Mexican-American chef, Rafael Sanchez. 

Rafael breaks every common stereotype of the Mexican man. Incredibly patient, gentle, and loving, he is the perfect cinnamon-roll hero for Victoria Blackwood. 

The premise of this book is everything. Our heroine, Victoria, is stuck planning a wedding. It just so happens the groom is her ex. Enter Rafael to cater the wedding. Oh, did I forget to mention he was her one-night stand she ran out on? Yes, this book is as delicious as it sounds. 

This book made me laugh out loud, embarrassingly, in public places. Perfect for a weekend escape into a happy world.

A Proposal They Can't Refuse

By Natalie Caña,

Book cover of A Proposal They Can't Refuse

Why this book?

New to the scene, I have no idea where Natalie has been my whole life. This is another rom-com that left strangers wondering if I was deranged, I was laughing so hard. 

Puerto Rican firecracker heroine Kamilah Vega just wants to save the family restaurant. 

Broody, artsy perfection, Scottish-American Liam Kane wants his grandpa to get the treatment he’s refusing and to take the family whiskey distillery in a new direction. 

When the two hilarious grandfathers, who own the building, blackmail Kamila and Liam to get married or they’ll sell the building housing the restaurant and distillery, the couple agrees to a fake relationship. 

Fake dating is my all-time favorite trope because it lends itself to hilarity and all the sexual tension. 

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