The best romance books to fire up your eReader, heat your cheeks, and set your body on flames

Who am I?

Growing up as a single child in an abusive household my fantasy friends kept me sane. Today, my imaginary friends are hot alpha males and sassy heroines, and their stories are a bit (okay a lot!) spicier but still as engaging and always end happily ever after. Active in the BDSM Lifestyle, it pains me what kind of books are marketed as BDSM Romance. The key to a (loving) relationship based on power exchange is open communication and the will to help the other person grow and flourish. The books I write and the books I recommend are examples of what I consider goodreal BDSM Romance.

I wrote...

Savage Game: A Dark Billionaire Romance

By Karen Nappa,

Book cover of Savage Game: A Dark Billionaire Romance

What is my book about?

A reckless bet, a lousy hand, and Charlotte Randall's life changes forever. For the next month, her body belongs to the devilishly handsome Byron Nolan - a man with more money than god and an ego to match. Ruthless and unyielding, he claims his prize with skillful pleasure, breaking down her defenses until she learns to crave every touch, every kiss, every shameful, depraved act he forces on her. But even as Byron masters her body, Charlotte is determined not to gamble the one prize she can still claim as her own - her heart.

Because she's in house, playing by his rules... and the house always wins.

The books I picked & why

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To Command and Collar

By Cherise Sinclair,

Book cover of To Command and Collar

Why this book?

Cherise Sinclair is my number one BDSM Romance author. The reason I love her books is their great storylines, relatable characters, and realistic but steamy sex, and BDSM scenes. To Command and Collar is book five in Master of the Shadowlands. Although I would advise to start reading the series from book one (Club Shadowlands), I chose book five because it is my favorite. I love Raoul and Kim and their hard-won journey to happiness.

Love and Let Die

By Blake Lexi,

Book cover of Love and Let Die

Why this book?

I adore the extended Masters and Mercenaries family, and Ian Taggart’s cynical wisecracks keep doubling me over in laughter. And laughter is so important. Life is serious and can be hard, I love it when a book takes me away for a while and make me feel. Lexi Blake’s books, especially for her Masters and Mercenaries series, make me feel a lot!

Again, this is book five in a series, you will want to read in order. However, since this is Ian’s and Charlotte’s story this is my pick as favorite!

Sadie's Little Christmas: Holidays at Rawhide Ranch Book 3

By Maren Smith, Rawhide Authors,

Book cover of Sadie's Little Christmas: Holidays at Rawhide Ranch Book 3

Why this book?

Not only is Maren Smith a great person, a quirky ‘little’ with a fondness for dinos, but also, she’s a tireless mentor and advocate for the authors in the BDSM Romance genre. I’m profoundly grateful she took me under her wings at the start of my writing career and to be part of her Red Hot Romance family today. 

While it is incredibly hard to pick just one book from her entire list, Sadie’s Little Christmas is my favorite because it shows a power exchange relationship in all its glory. Seeing Sadie blossom under Derek’s supervision is a treat. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Wicked Ties

By Shayla Black,

Book cover of Wicked Ties

Why this book?

Sexy and Dominant Jack is having dreams about a faceless woman. His Cajun grand père is convinced this must be his fated wife. 

Morgan is on the run from a stalker and trying to figure out why no relationship has worked for her in the past.

Wicked Ties is a compelling mix of mystery, suspense, and romance with a tormented hero and several unexpected twists. It kept me glued to my eReader until I finished the book. I love it when a book is so engaging I can’t put it down.

Board Resolution: A Knights of the Board Room Novella

By Joey W. Hill,

Book cover of Board Resolution: A Knights of the Board Room Novella

Why this book?

Although this book starts out without safe words or careful negotiations, I still recommend all of Joey W. Hill’s work and the Knights of the Board Room series as BDSM Romance. Sometimes, a Dom must dig deep to give a submissive what she needs, and this is what Matt Kensington does in Board Resolution. Savannah is trained to shield herself and I think Matt’s crazy plan is the only way through the tough outer shell and into the soft and loving woman she is. Piece by piece —with help from his team— he breaks her down, only to let her rise like a Phoenix from her ashes. Beautiful story.

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