The best books to read to your rainbow baby

Samantha Gassman Author Of Dear Rainbow Baby
By Samantha Gassman

Who am I?

When I started writing children’s stories in 2018, I never would've guessed that my first book would be about rainbow babies. I hadn’t even heard of the term until I miscarried the following year. As I grieved the baby we would never hold, I used writing to work through the mess of emotions I felt: pain, disappointment, sorrow… until the words “Dear Rainbow Baby” appeared. My husband and I didn’t know if we could or would have a rainbow baby, yet, writing a letter filled me with hope that one day she would come. We recently celebrated our daughter’s second birthday, and the publication of my first picture book Dear Rainbow Baby.

I wrote...

Dear Rainbow Baby

By Samantha Gassman, Timothy Lange (illustrator),

Book cover of Dear Rainbow Baby

What is my book about?

Dear Rainbow Baby is the perfect book for expecting parents and parents of rainbow babies. Rainbow babies are children born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. Because rainbows often follow storms, these children represent hope and light after loss.

Written as a letter to the rainbow baby, parents and children alike will enjoy its lyrical language, stunning illustrations, and beautiful message. 

The books I picked & why

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It Had to Be You

By Loryn Brantz,

Book cover of It Had to Be You

Why this book?

The first thing I noticed about this book was its simple black, white, and red illustrations. They are simple and clean and add so much to the book’s message. While the text doesn’t explicitly mention rainbow babies, parents who have endured previous losses will resonate with its beautiful refrain: it had to be you. 

Welcome to the Party

By Gabrielle Union, Ashley Evans (illustrator),

Book cover of Welcome to the Party

Why this book?

Welcome to the Party takes a different twist on bringing home a baby by likening the event to a party. The rhyming text makes it an easy read aloud for parents and caregivers while the illustrations add heart and humor. The book has wide appeal for anyone reading to a new baby but will be especially meaningful to parents of rainbow babies. 

These Precious Little People

By Frankie Brunker, Gillian Gamble (illustrator),

Book cover of These Precious Little People

Why this book?

The artwork in this book brought tears to my eyes. Gillian perfectly captured the poignant text with her gorgeous illustrations. I love how both the text and the art reflect the whirlwind of emotions people feel after suffering a loss. While the experience is unique, Frankie’s words bring the universal emotions to light and remind parents they are not alone in their grief.

Because You're Mine

By Nancy Tillman,

Book cover of Because You're Mine

Why this book?

I love all of Nancy Tillman’s picture books. I love her imaginative illustrations, depicting children living their wildest dreams, befriending animals, and romping through nature. This book is a sweet, sentimental reminder of how amazing it is to have a child. This book is sure to touch the hearts of all parents, especially at the end when the author reminds us that “the reverse is true—I also belong to you.” 

Just in Case You Ever Wonder

By Max Lucado, Eve Tharlet (illustrator),

Book cover of Just in Case You Ever Wonder

Why this book?

This book hardly needs an introduction! It has sold over a million copies worldwide, and for good reason. The most recently released version with art by Eve Tharlet is absolutely lovely. Rich with beautiful imagery and touching text, this book brings a religious element to having a baby. What I love most about this book is that the story can be read to a child of any age, from baby to toddler to kid because its message resonates with every age group. 

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