The best children's books for those who love yarn and knitting

Tatyana Feeney Author Of Little Owl's Orange Scarf
By Tatyana Feeney

The Books I Picked & Why

Extra Yarn

By Mac Barnett, Jon Klassen

Book cover of Extra Yarn

Why this book?

Extra Yarn is one of my very favourite books. It is the story about what you might do if you found a little bit of extra yarn. This yarn (in both senses of the word!) is inclusive, unexpected, as well as completely fantastic. 

The text of the story is subtle and leaves a lot of the story to be told through the illustrations and I am a huge fan of Jon Klassen’s illustrations. In this book, his beautiful, colourful wool really works to offset the darkness of the cold winter landscape.

This is simply a visually delightful and clever story with lots for kids and adults to enjoy.

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Kids Knitting

By Melanie Falick

Book cover of Kids Knitting

Why this book?

As someone who came to knitting later in life, I really appreciate this comprehensive guide for younger knitters.

The book includes an illustrated vocabulary list of the basic tools, information on where to go for help if there is no one to ask directly ( I find that very helpful!) and a guide for buying wool online.

There are also several basic projects to get started with and even a washing guide! Perfect.

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The Story Blanket

By Ferida Wolff, Harriet May Savitz, Elena Odriozola

Book cover of The Story Blanket

Why this book?

The Story Blanket is about what you might do if there wasn’t enough yarn. 

Babba Zarrah loves to tell stories to the village children who all sit on her story blanket to listen. As the winter goes on and a need for warm clothes becomes greater, Babba Zarrah’s blanket begins to get smaller.

The solution to the disappearing story blanket completes the cycle of generosity within the village.

The story, a modern folk tale, is simple and beautiful. The illustrations, by Elena Odriozola, are gorgeous and original and bring an added imaginative dimension to the book.

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Lester's Dreadful Sweaters

By K.G. Campbell

Book cover of Lester's Dreadful Sweaters

Why this book?

What happens when an unknown and unexpected relative comes to visit? 

Lester is a unique character who is visited by his equally unique Cousin Clara. Cousin Clara seems perfectly fine until Lester discovers how good she is at knitting dreadful sweaters.

After a series of unfortunate events befall the itchy creations, Lester and Clara discover there is a place for everyone (and every dreadful sweater).

I enjoyed the story, which I am sure many can relate to, and the illustrations (also by KG Campbell) are hilarious. A great story about dealing with unwanted gifts!

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Cat's Cradle: A Book of String Figures

By Anne Akers Johnson

Book cover of Cat's Cradle: A Book of String Figures

Why this book?

I used to play lots of string games as a kid. I realized as my kids were growing up, that kids don’t know these games anymore and I wanted to find something that would teach them at least a few that I remembered from my childhood.

I loved this book because it shows, with simple diagrams, some of the basic string games like Cat’s Cradle and it also includes string to get started with.

Not only that, there is a little history of string games for those who might want to know how they all started.

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