The best children’s books about chocolate

The Books I Picked & Why

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

By Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake

Book cover of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Why this book?

This classic was written by one of the most creative minds in children’s literature. Roald Dahl’s books have engaged children all over the world for over 70 years. The world of Willy Wonka is probably one of the best-known and treasured children’s books about chocolate today. It is a story that is rich in humor, filled with unbelievably creative ideas, and conveys a subtle underlying message.

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Milton Hershey: Young Chocolatier

By M.M. Eboch, Meryl Learnihan Henderson

Book cover of Milton Hershey: Young Chocolatier

Why this book?

This impressive biography of Mr. Milton Hershey shows the obstacles he had to overcome to build the famous Hershey’s empire. The book describes the stony path Mr. Hershey took to become America’s favorite chocolate producer. This book not only has tremendous educational value but also gives you a sense of what life was like around 1900.

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Lilly's Chocolate Heart

By Kevin Henkes

Book cover of Lilly's Chocolate Heart

Why this book?

A little mouse is trying to hide its red-foil-wrapped chocolate heart, but every hiding place she finds is not safe enough for her standards. Eventually, she puts it in her mouth and eats it. Now it’s safe! This delightful picture book for preschoolers makes me smile each time I read it. The illustrations are simplistic and beautiful. They fit perfectly to the text. 

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Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake

By Michael Kaplan, Stephane Jorisch

Book cover of Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake

Why this book?

This is a hilariously funny book for children ages 3 – 5 about a bunny girl who discovers chocolate cake. Besides being an entertaining story, valuable life lessons about food are woven into the plot. This gives the book a deeper layer that can be enjoyed by parents as well. The illustrations are endearing and well-suited for this age group.

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The Chocolate Touch

By Patrick Skene Catling, Margo Apple

Book cover of The Chocolate Touch

Why this book?

John Midas loves chocolate. One day, he acquires a magical gift. Anything he touches with his lips turns into chocolate. As enjoyable as it might seem at the beginning, it becomes a nightmare when he gets tired of eating chocolate. This story is easy to read, is fun, and sends an underlying message about being greedy.

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