Touchpoints-Birth to Three

By T. Berry Brazelton, Joshua D. Sparrow,

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All over the U.S. and in over twenty countries around the world, Touchpoints has become required reading for anxious parents of babies and small children. T. Berry Brazelton's great empathy for the universal concerns of parenthood, and honesty about the complex feelings it engenders, as well as his uncanny insight…

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T. Berry Brazelton has been recognized as an expert on parenting and child development. I used to eagerly wait to read his newspaper column that offered concise advice on child care. In this book, Brazelton covers the milestones of typical development and he discusses common concerns of this age range. Although this book focuses on emotional and behavioral development, his background in pediatrics allows him to write about physical development as well. You will learn, in detail, what to expect of young children up to age three in this comprehensive book.

From Joni's list on toddler development and behavior.

Understanding normal child development and what to expect at each stage and age is foundational to your work as a parent. The ability to recognize a growth spurt, or the knowledge that words alone will never stop a two-year-old who is learning about the rules of the world is essential for responding sensitively and appropriately to your child. In this classic book, predictable key developmental points are described allowing you to predict potentially challenging rough spots, understand what is happening when your child backslides, or reaches new developmental stages and why strategies that used to work are no longer effective.

From Mary's list on for new parents looking to prepare.

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