Thus Spoke Zarathustra

By Friedrich Nietzsche, R. J. Hollingdale (translator),

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'Enigmatic, vatic, emphatic, passionate . . . Nietzsche's works together make a unique statement in the literature of European ideas' A. C. Grayling

Nietzsche was one of the most revolutionary thinkers in Western philosophy, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra remains his most influential work. It describes how the ancient Persian prophet…

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This book isn’t just ink and paper; it’s a lifeline. I’ve witnessed its power to pull someone back from the edge.

For me, as a teenager, it was an awakening. Zarathustra’s spirit resonated with my own zest for life, a stark contrast to the negativity that often surrounds us. It ignited a spark within me, an echo of the boundless creativity I felt as a child, eager to shape new worlds. A reminder that within each of us lies the potential for greatness, waiting to be unleashed.

Nietzsche’s book is a profound study of power, freedom of thought, and taking responsibility. To me, this is one of the most well-written philosophical investigations I’ve stumbled across in my life so far.

The book explores the very foundation upon which ethics is based and can flourish. In hymn-like prose, a personal narrator reports on the work of a fictional thinker who bears the name of the Persian religious founder Zarathustra. One central claim in the book is that humankind harbors the potential to transcend itself, which is a central premise for my contributions to our book.

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