The World Atlas of Whisky

By Dave Broom,

Book cover of The World Atlas of Whisky: More Than 200 Distilleries Explored and 750 Expressions Tasted

Book description

This new, fully updated edition of The World Atlas of Whisky provides an in-depth, comprehensive journey through the history, process, distilleries and expressions of world whiskies

"The best whisky book ever - a must-read for drinkers!" - Forbes

"The perfect go-to reference guide for the whisky lover's bookshelf." - Whisky…

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This big, beautiful, photograph-loaded coffee table book is an encyclopedia of whiskey. The Atlas, as whiskey-heads often call it, carries descriptions of a couple of hundred distilleries and reviews of around 750 different whiskeys. Broom’s book devotes a lot of pages to Scotch whisky, however, it helpfully covers Irish and American whiskeys and the brown spirits made in nations less known to most readers, like Japan, India, and Australia. Drinks geeks will love Broom’s meticulous explanations of how different whiskeys are produced. Those seeking guidance on how to taste whiskey will benefit from the book’s brief tasting tips and…

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