The Tale of Peter Rabbit

By Beatrix Potter,

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Level Two

Follow the story of naughty Peter Rabbit as he squeezes under the gate into Mr. McGregor's garden and finds himself in all kinds of trouble! Beatrix Potter's original artwork and text have been adapted for this easy-to-read version of the classic tale.

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When I was four years old, my Grandmother Hillenbrand sat by my side and read me the captivating book The Tale of Peter Rabbit. At that moment, I embarked on a whimsical journey as if I had fallen down the rabbit hole.

This charming book not only entertained me with its mischievous protagonist, Peter Rabbit, but it also introduced me to the power of a great story, expertly woven and accompanied by enchanting illustrations beyond compare. Whether it was Peter's adventures in Mr. McGregor's garden or his daring escape back home, this incredible tale illuminated the captivating world that awaited…

This was one of the first stories I remembered my parents reading to me when I was little. I liked Peter Rabbit immediately, despite his bad habit of disobeying his mother, and I loved the sweet and colorful illustrations that go along with the story. When poor Peter Rabbit became trapped in Mr. MacGregor's garden, I found myself riveted, unable to put the story down. Poor Peter, stuck in MacGregor's garden, not knowing how to get out! Children will love cheering for Peter as he is mercilessly pursued by the malicious MacGregor, trapped under a flower pot, frightened by a…

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