The Prettiest

By Brigit Young,

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A list appears online, ranking the top fifty prettiest girls in the eighth grade.

Eve Hoffman is disgusted by the grating, anonymous text messages she's been receiving ever since she was ranked number one.

Sophie Kane is sick of the bullying she's endured after being knocked down a peg by…

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I remember struggling with body image when I was the age of these characters. (Actually, if we’re being totally honest, I still do.) The main characters in this novel, however, triumph over the physical expectations placed upon young women by finding kinship and support from one another. The characters themselves are diverse, realistic, and smart. It’s difficult not to see yourself or the young people in your life in them.

From Shelly's list on girl MCs who are owning life.

You’re pretty pretty, but not that into sports. Decades later, I still remember these words of rejection from my seventh-grade crush. The Prettiest brought up all my middle school emotions during the first chapter when someone creates and spreads a list of the top 50 prettiest girls in the school. The pain and humiliation the main characters experience as they struggle with their relationship to the list—on it, off it, pretty but not the prettiest—was painfully realistic. Thankfully, author Brigit Young fills the story with humor and moments of sweet friendship and leaves the reader ready to change the…

From Bridget's list on for kids that want to change the world.

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