The Passing Playbook

By Isaac Fitzsimons,

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Love, Simon meets Bend It Like Beckham in this feel-good contemporary romance about a trans athlete who must decide between fighting for his right to play and staying stealth.

“A sharply observant and vividly drawn debut. I loved every minute I spent in this story, and I’ve never rooted harder…

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I was looking for my next queer YA read and almost missed this one because I usually go for femme and non-binary stories. The plot of a trans kid in stealth at a new school falling in love for the first time hooked me. 

Spencer had to walk the same line I’ve had to walk between living in stealth and feeling the pull to be more open and come out to the wider world. Justice’s story was equally relatable, coming from a religious family and having to fight to be himself and love who he wants to love. 

Fitzsimons’s debut, about a stealth trans soccer player named Spencer who’s crushing on a teammate at a new school, is sweet, funny, warm, sporty, and all too relevant. When Spencer’s benched due to the F on his birth certificate, he can either ride the pine with the secret intact, or fight for his right to be on the field, outing himself in the process and risking his crush.

From Dahlia's list on queer teen athletes.

This book is only too relevant right now. Spencer has already come out once and he shouldn’t have to do it again, but a discriminatory law forces him to put his safety and friendships at risk. Beautifully told, this is a story about how coming out isn’t always the perfect choice sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do, and that is why I chose it for my list.

From Louise's list on coming out.

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