The Other Me

By Sarah Zachrich Jeng,

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“Who hasn't wondered what alternate versions of their lives might look like?...As relatable as it is suspenseful cleverly exploring adulthood, identity, and shifting realities.”
—Margarita Montimore, USA Today bestselling author of Oona Out of Order

An inventive page-turner about the choices we make and the ones made for us.


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On her 29th birthday, Kelly Holter walks through a door and into a life that barely resembles her own. And yet it is her own.

Is her reality wrong? Or are her memories wrong? Or are they both somehow correct? Part sci-fi, part thriller, all-consuming, The Other Me explores how the decisions we make influence the person we become, or don’t. The novel raises many fascinating questions and provides plenty of unexpected answers.

From C.J.'s list on the fluidity of reality.

This was the first alternate reality book I read the incorporated the idea of a start-up business and a phone app as a means of visiting or revising a reality. (Oops… spoiler.) It was a unique way to imagine a world where a select few could revise their days, weeks, or even years and the consequences to those who they know and the ripple effect in their lives. 

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