The End Is Always Near

By Dan Carlin,

Book cover of The End Is Always Near: Apocalyptic Moments, from the Bronze Age Collapse to Nuclear Near Misses

Book description

A journey back in time that explores what happened-and what could have happened-from creator of the wildly-popular podcast Hardcore History and 2019 winner of the iHeartRadio Best History Podcast Award.

Dan Carlin has created a new way to think about the past. His mega-hit podcast, Hardcore History, is revered for…

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Dan Carlin is here to get the facts straight. The wildly intelligent and passionate historian released this book while I was working on mine, and it was a great resource for me. I’d recommend it to anyone looking to educate themselves on how civilizations fail. Hint: We keep making the same mistakes again. Read this and break the pattern!

Dan Carlin is definitely one of the biggest inspirations for my own writing, and the style and format of my book are very similar to The End is Always Near. Dan Carlin hosts the massively popular Hardcore History podcast, and I have been an avid listener for years. More than once I found myself writing down ideas and notes for my own book only to find out that Carlin had beaten me to the punch and thought of these same ideas long before I had. If you enjoy Hardcore History and The End is Always Near, then I…

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