The Assassin's Odyssey

By Caleb Ortega, Mandi Oyster,

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Ancient Greece, a country filled with rulers vying to keep their power as democracy grows. With a thirst for domination, King Aeneas sends his two best assassins, Adonis and Selene, to the neighboring region of Arcadia in the hope of expanding his reign.

They must kill King Argus.

Adonis, a…

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Assassin's Odyssey makes you rethink everything. Which is more important: loyalty or justice? Is being loyal to someone who is evil right, or is it right to betray that? As you read Caleb’s book, you find yourself being swayed a little toward each side.

Answers are never black and white. This book makes you realize the truth lies in the middle. And in my humble opinion, a book that makes you think is a good thing.

From Mandi's list on fantasy to take you away.

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