Strange World

By Frank Edwards,

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Describes unexplained incidents of premonitions, UFO sightings, apparitions, ghost lights, family curses, cloudless rain, miracle cures, blackouts, reincarnation, disappearances, and poltergeists

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Strange World is a collection of short stories (and many are very short). They expand on the title, the stories being recollections, reports, and (I’m fairly sure) completely made-up weirdness from around the country and world. Everything from strange coincidences to the absurdly fantastic, are all presented as matter-of-fact. This is perfectly in line with the publication date of 1964. Then, America was fully invested in the UFO craze, tinged with metaphysics and the occult. The stores are a time capsule of this cultural view and – whether or not you believe the stories are true – are a fun…

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