Seven Sisters

By Katherine Kovacic,

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Men get away with murder all the time. Now it's our turn ... A twisty, intriguing crime novel for fans of The Mother and The Family Doctor.

Naomi started grief counselling prepared to run for cover as soon as her therapist, Mia, pulled out a crystal or tried to align…

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The premise of the crime-thriller is fascinating: an all-female therapy group meets to share their pain at the abuse and murder of their sisters by their partners/husbands.

The justice system failed to prosecute the killers and the women pursue their own form of justice. They hatch a plan to kill the men who murdered their sisters. The author masterfully establishes how the female victims of abuse find themselves trapped and isolated by their abuser and why they find it so hard to leave them, even when their life is in danger.

Will the sisters who want revenge get away with…

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