Quiet Power

By Susan Cain,

Book cover of Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverted Kids

Book description

"Quiet Power is a brilliant handbook for quiet children (and their parents). It is a celebration of the introvert" - Guardian

Your child's teenage years is a time wrought with insecurity and self-doubt. Their search for a place in the world can seem daunting. Focusing on the strengths and challenges…

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I discovered this nonfiction book as an adult and can imagine the thrill of fellow introverts who get to read it as kids and see themselves celebrated within its pages. We’re not shy people who will eventually grow out of our shells; we’re born to think deeply, feel deeply, observe details others miss, and be empathetic, steadfast friends. Cain highlights stories of children who have made a mark in their schools, friendships, and family life from the quiet side of the introversion-extroversion spectrum. 

From Christina's list on powerful introverts.

When I do in-service training in schools – or talks for parents – easily the thing the audience most commonly and keenly asks about in the Q&A relates to what I’ve said about introverts and their experience in school. Despite this, although I do discuss it in several of my books, I haven’t written a book about it, for one good reason: Quiet Power is all you need! Susan Cain also wrote a book called Quiet but Quiet Power is the one I recommend specifically to parents, teachers, and young people themselves because it is written with young people specifically…

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