Pip Pip

By Jay Griffiths,

Book cover of Pip Pip: A Sideways Look at Time

Book description

A brilliant and poetic exploration of the way that we experience time in our everyday lives.

Why does time seem so short? How does women's time differ from men's? Why does time seem to move slowly in the countryside and quickly in cities? How do different cultures around the world…

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Jay Griffiths is a gorgeous writer, sparky and original. When I was working on my book, a friend gave me this book, and I gobbled it down. It was definitely the perfect companion along the way: funny, tender, quirky, passionately informed. The back cover features praise by both Fritjof Capra and Gary Snyder. “Amusing and erudite, fascinating and spirited,” says the Times Literary Supplement. “Bravo!”

From Christian's list on for taking time to stop and listen.

I think I’ve hinted that a bicycle ride can play tricks with time. There are moments when coasting along, a bike ride can feel almost timeless. In this book, Jay Griffiths challenges everything we think we know about time. The tick. And the tock. The almost predatory power it has in Western life. And in counterpoint, she reaches into the non-linear chronology of indigenous cultures to show us a different way of moving forward, by moving sideways. Cycling may appear to be a linear mode of travel, transporting us from A to B, but, like Jay’s book, it is always…

From Jet's list on for a long bike ride.

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