Modal Homotopy Type Theory

By David Corfield,

Book cover of Modal Homotopy Type Theory: The Prospect of a New Logic for Philosophy

Book description

"The old logic put thought in fetters, while the new logic gives it wings."

For the past century, philosophers working in the tradition of Bertrand Russell - who promised to revolutionise philosophy by introducing the 'new logic' of Frege and Peano - have employed predicate logic as their formal language…

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The Univalent Foundations program in foundations of mathematics launched by Voevodsky and others in the past decade and a half has contributed to a promising new paradigm unifying computation, mathematics, logic, and proof theory.

Understanding the core elements of this research program, Homotopy Type Theory, is essential for contemporary philosophers who want to engage directly with current developments in mathematics and computer science.

Corfield is a well-established name in philosophy of mathematics, and this book is the best introduction to Homotopy Type Theory for philosophers.

Working within themes and problematics that will be familiar to philosophers with a basic background…

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