Louisbourg Portraits

By Christopher Moore,

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Each year, thousands of tourists flock to the Fortress of Louisbourg on the coast of Cape Breton Island to visit the reconstruction of part of the original eighteenth-century fort and town. Using the same records, diaries, letters, and charts that were used to recreate the site, Moore restores to vivid…

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Using a wide range of original sources — diaries, letters, official correspondence, criminal cases, and maps and plans — Christopher Moore does a terrific job in this book of presenting the world of 18th-century Louisbourg. He restores to vivid life five people who actually walked the streets of the colony over two and a half centuries ago. Through the dramatically different stories of those five individuals, Moore offers innumerable insights into what society and culture was like in the French colonial town. First published in 1982, the book won Canada’s Governor General’s prize for best non-fiction book of…

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