By Clive Barker,

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The story of three people on an epic journey through five Dominions to the border of the greatest mystery of all - the First Dominion. On the other side, if they dare to venture, lies the Holy City of the Unbeheld, where their highest hopes or deepest fears will be…

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I believe this is the greatest dark-fantasy novel ever written. Clive Barker is canon in the world of imaginative horror and fantasy, and this magical story balances both genres in exciting and revelatory ways. Gender, greed, and power are central themes in a work that weaves Christianity and sorcery together in extraordinary ways.

Pie ‘oh Pah is one of my favourite literary characters—assassin, magicians’ assistant, lover, sex-worker, and a devout and loyal friend to Gentle. Pie ‘oh Pah transcends any binary understanding of gender. It is their tragic love that drives the narrative and connects the main protagonists Gentle and…

From Carmilla's list on grittiest dark-fantasy.

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