Food Triggers

By Amber Lia,

Book cover of Food Triggers: Exchanging Unhealthy Patterns for God-Honoring Habits

Book description

You Can Win Your Food Battles--for Good

Do you crave unhealthy foods or overeat when you're stressed, bored, or lonely? These and other food triggers not only have an emotional and physical basis, they can also become a spiritual battle. In this groundbreaking book, certified health coach Amber Lia exposes…

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How do we manage those unruly portions at restaurants? Why are we eating the leftovers from our kids' plates? How do we stop boredom munchies? As a certified health coach who has been on her own transformative health journey, Amber Lia exposes 31 common food-related struggles--based on hundreds of hours of research-- that women and men face in everyday moments. Food Triggers offers the "aha" understanding of why we react the way we do as well as tangible solutions to expose the key food triggers sabotaging your health, exchange broken and destructive patterns for healing and God-honoring habits, use practical…

From Wendy's list on overcoming food addiction with faith.

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