By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,

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“Csikszentmihalyi arrives at an insight that many of us can intuitively grasp, despite our insistent (and culturally supported) denial of this truth. That is, it is not what happens to us that determines our happiness, but the manner in which we make sense of that reality. . . . The…

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I started out my career path as an artist, and when creating art, I regularly got into a state of what is known as flow. Hours would pass before I realized that it was already deep into night and I should be at home.

We think we know what flow is but Csikszentmihalyi tells us what it really is—a combination of the right amount of challenge and skill. Flow describes a state when one experiences the ultimate form of creativity—when a person is so immersed in an experience that time doesn’t matter.

Learning why people pursue experiences that can get…

Flow is a groundbreaking book, embodying the ideal combination of depth and simplicity. A trendsetter from 2008, it offers readers a compelling case for the value of entering a ‘flow’ state—which can also be described as immersion or singletasking. Beautifully presented, memorable, and—yes—a life-changer. I learned from Mihaly that the impact of immersing in tasks is immeasurably profound.

From Devora's list on to singletask what matters most.

It is trite to say: this book changed my life… and maybe not accurate, maybe what this book did was profoundly alter my understanding of myself. I love this book. Csikszentmihalyi explains that when we are happy we are in Flow, which is an optimal state of challenge and success. One person might find it in tennis, another at work, another (my son) in video games. But some of us, know how to find it… and that, my dear, makes all the difference.

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