Expectations Investing

By Michael J. Mauboussin, Alfred Rappaport,

Book cover of Expectations Investing: Reading Stock Prices for Better Returns

Book description

Most investment books try to assess the attractiveness of a stock price by estimating the value of the company. Expectations Investing provides a powerful and insightful alternative to identifying gaps between price and value.

Michael J. Mauboussin and Alfred Rappaport suggest that an investor start with a known quantity, the…

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Why read it?

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Again, this is the kind of book that demonstrates practically how to forecast financial performance of a company and then value it.

It goes a step further and, as the title proclaims, the authors try to reverse engineer a price of a stock and match investors’ expectations with specific assumptions of the model. One of these assumptions is the growth period. This contrasts with the conventional practice of discounting a fixed growth period of five or ten years.

The book provides Excel models, backed up by the proper math, that are very helpful in deconstructing a share price to model…

From Michael's list on financial modelling and valuation.

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