By Duncan M. Hamilton,

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"Successfully mixes swords, sorcery, and skullduggery with complex characters. Dumas fans will especially appreciate the faux-French setting. This is pure adventure fun with plenty for epic fantasy readers to enjoy.”—Publishers Weekly

With the dragons believed dead, the kingdom had no more need for dragonslayers.

Drunk, disgraced, and all but forgotten,…

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Where do I even start with this book? It has such a strong opening and hooked me immediately from the first page. We follow the story of Guillot, a once noble knight of the Silver Circle, now a lazy man who drinks his days away. He is summoned by the king to slay the last living dragon in the realm. What strikes me about this book is that you feel sympathy for the dragon, Alpheratz, as he wakes up to find out he is the last one left. With exciting magic, tense fights, and one powerful dragon, this is a…

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