Dime Store Magic

By Kelley Armstrong,

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'Paranormal and show-business power struggles make for hard-to-put-down entertainment.' - Booklist

'The Women of the Otherworld universe has expanded and gained further definition with this latest entry. . . . If Kelly Armstrong writes it, then you should add it to your reading list if you want a darn good…

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I have so much admiration for witch Paige Winterbourne, who has had a teenage ward named Savannah thrust upon her, when Paige herself is barely out of teenagerhood. Paige's coven disowns her, even as evil forces are trying to woo Savannah, and get Paige out of the way by framing her for murder. I have zero patience for their lack of support. It's no wonder Paige is forced to accept the help of the terribly persistent young lawyer who ought to be her archenemy. He's a sorcerer, and sorcerers never have the best interests of witches in mind. Especially the…

The 3rd book in the Women of the Underworld series, Paige Winterborne, a young witch who has been groomed to be the next leader of her Coven, has to step into her role a lot earlier than she ever expected. Not as experienced in witchcraft as she would like, but she is rebellious in her thinking. Finding herself in situations beyond her control, Dime Store Magic brings witches and sorcerers head-on in an age-old fight of ‘who is better.’ This book definitely is one for those who love a good series.

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