Death on the Nile

By Agatha Christie,

Book cover of Death on the Nile

Book description

CD edition of this Christie favourite, read by Hercule Poirot himself, David Suchet.
Beautifully re-packaged with stunning new cover illustrations and design that rival some of best jackets and audio collections out there! The group as a whole stands out with an assortment of colours and gorgeous text on every…

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I read dozens of Agatha Christie mysteries as a teenager, but some classics are worth visiting again. This is one of them. In it, Hercule Poirot is on a luxury cruise up the Nile River, challenged to the utmost as the plot twists and the bodies pile up. Even if you’ve seen one (or more!) of the movie versions, it’s worth checking out Death on the Nile to see how a master writer does her thing. 

From Rebecca's list on mystery and suspense on the river.

Agatha Christie is a marvel of mystery writing. Any of her books are solvable, with the right knowledge. She is not one to hide her clues but confounds her readers anyway. This book I chose because it was one of the books I was able to solve before the ending, which felt great. There is power in reading a tricky mystery and solving it, as it made me feel smart and kept me engaged the whole time. I appreciate that Christie doesn’t lie to her readers and hides no clues. When you solve one of her books, you have earned…

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