By Guhan Subramanian,

Book cover of Dealmaking: The New Strategy of Negotiauctions

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Updated and enhanced in this new second edition, Dealmaking brings together negotiation and auction strategies to provide the jargon-free, empirically sound advice professionals need to close the deal. Harvard Program on Negotiation chair Guhan Subramanian provides a lively tour of both negotiation and auction theory, then takes an in-depth look…

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Guhan Subramanian, the author of this book is a triple threat: he’s superbly trained as a lawyer and an economist, he’s an experienced dealmaker, and he’s a gifted teacher. This book is the payoff of all three: in it he brings together his extensive experience to help us understand how many complex business deals combine elements of an auction with those of a one-on-one negotiation. Through many examples, he illustrates ways to play the game or change the game, depending on how the rules do or do not help us.  As much of a negotiation process-nerd as I fancy myself…

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