Das Boot

By Lothar-Günther Buchheim,

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Filled with almost unbearable tension and excitement, DAS BOOT is one of the best stories ever written about war, a supreme novel of the Second World War and an acclaimed film and TV drama.

It is autumn 1941 and a German U-boat commander and his crew set out on yet…

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This book is a gritty, realistic fiction novel about a WWII German U-boat captain and crew facing immense challenges from the elements and the enemy while attempting to sink as many allied merchant ships as possible before running out of torpedoes or being destroyed. I particularly appreciated a view of war from “the other side” and details of life aboard a cramped submarine in wartime. The book is a timeless exploration of the privations faced by seamen who dare to wage war at sea. The tragic ending mirrors reality and adds irony and pathos to the story. I found this…

The inspiration for the classic movie of the name, this can be seen as the German counterpart of The Cruel Sea. The author was a war correspondent who went on U-Boat patrol in the Battle of the Atlantic. It’s chilling in its portrayal of the brutal realities of anti-convoy operations and the terror of attack from above. Most notable for me is its portrayal of the crew—not unlike those of the ships they’re attempting to sink. There may be dedicated Nazis among them but the majority are decent, courageous, men who see themselves as fighting for their county. The…

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