By Joshua Gayou,

Book cover of Commune: Book 1

Book description

The world has ended.

A few have survived.

But is survival worth the loss of humanity?

Finding a friend in the apocalypse isn't easy, and for Jake Martin, it's been damn-near impossible.

Life has become an endless trek for canned food, shelter, and avoiding those who've turned to killing for…

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Joshua is another author with multiple series, but Commune is a standout piece of literature. His style is subtle and suggestive, making the reader pay attention so they don’t miss the nuances and the snippets of backstory. That said, his action sequences are fast and brutal with a realism that hits home. The humour of the characters throughout is so genuine it’s a stroke of brilliance.

Full disclosure – I loved this series so much I’m writing more Commune with him!

From Devon's list on current post-apocalyptic series.

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