Building a Storybrand

By Donald Miller,

Book cover of Building a Storybrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen

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More than half-a-million business leaders have discovered the power of the StoryBrand Framework, created by New York Times bestselling author and marketing expert Donald Miller. And they are making millions.

If you use the wrong words to talk about your product, nobody will buy it. Marketers and business owners struggle…

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Why read it?

9 authors picked Building a Storybrand as one of their favorite books. Why do they recommend it?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Don Miller by now, and rightfully so. His insight about business (and life - check out Hero on a Mission) is priceless. With Storybrand you get the formula to clarify your message so prospects know exactly how your business can serve them.

If you want to connect with your customers in a powerful way, Storybrand is a can’t miss business book.

This book by Donald Miller has improved how I communicate with customers. By applying the seven universal storytelling elements Miller outlines, I've learned to convey my brand's message with unprecedented clarity and impact. This book has not only simplified my marketing approach but also made it infinitely more effective, helping me to truly connect with my audience and stand out in a crowded market.

Miller's framework is a game-changer, offering practical steps to transform any brand's messaging into something genuinely compelling. It is an indispensable resource for anyone aiming to improve their marketing and connect more deeply with their customers.

Crafting a message and communicating it effectively so others will listen requires finesse and practice.

In this book Donald Miller offers a proven framework to refine your message so you can communicate effectively and impact your target audience. As a speaker and executive coach, I always stay relevant by learning effective communication strategies, this book helped me when I was working on my new website.

As I coach military veterans and military spouses, often one of the first stumbling blocks they experience is telling their own story. This book helps!

Cold War: A Novel of the Berlin Airlift

By Helena P. Schrader,

Book cover of Cold War: A Novel of the Berlin Airlift

Helena P. Schrader Author Of Cold Peace: A Novel of the Berlin Airlift, Part I

New book alert!

Why am I passionate about this?

I first went to Berlin after college, determined to write a novel about the German Resistance; I stayed a quarter of a century. Initially, the Berlin Airlift, something remembered with pride and affection, helped create common ground between me as an American and the Berliners. Later, I was commissioned to write a book about the Airlift and studied the topic in depth. My research included interviews with many participants including Gail Halvorsen. These encounters with eyewitnesses inspired me to write my current three-part fiction project, Bridge to Tomorrow. With Russian aggression again threatening Europe, the story of the airlift that defeated Soviet state terrorism has never been more topical. 

Helena's book list on the Russian blockade of Berlin and the Allied Airlift

What is my book about?

Stopping Russian Aggression with milk, coal, and candy bars….

Berlin is under siege. More than two million civilians will starve unless they receive food, medicine, and more by air.

USAF Captain J.B. Baronowsky and RAF Flight Lieutenant Kit Moran once risked their lives to drop high explosives on Berlin. They are about to deliver milk, flour, and children’s shoes instead. Meanwhile, two women pilots are flying an air ambulance that carries malnourished and abandoned children to freedom in the West. Until General Winter deploys on the side of Russia...

Based on historical events, award-winning novelist Helena P. Schrader delivers an…

Cold War: A Novel of the Berlin Airlift

By Helena P. Schrader,

What is this book about?

Fighting a war with milk, coal and candy bars....

In the second book of the Bridge to Tomorrow Series, the story continues where "Cold Peace" left off.

Berlin is under siege. More than two million civilians in Hitler's former capital will starve unless they receive food, medicine and more by air.

USAF Captain J.B. Baronowsky and RAF Flight Lieutenant Kit Moran once risked their lives to drop high explosives on Berlin. They are about to deliver milk, flour and children's shoes instead. Meanwhile, two women pilots are flying an air ambulance that carries malnourished and abandoned children to freedom in…

Building a Storybrand is a book I recommend a lot to my marketing students at the university where I teach. This book provides a clear and effective framework for crafting a compelling brand story that resonates with customers. Miller's approach is easy to understand and implement, and it has helped me to clarify my own messages. Additionally, the book is filled with real-life examples and case studies that illustrate the principles in action. This book will help you improve your messaging and connect with customers in a more meaningful way.

Chances are, if you're into business, marketing, and storytelling you've probably come across Donald Miller's best-selling book Storybrand. It's a clever book that's managed to distill and re-package some of the best core principles on storytelling from the likes of Joseph Campbell, Robert McKee, and Nancy Duarte. The idea that the customer is the hero not the company isn't new per se but it's a really powerful reminder that your attention and focus should be on your audience, not yourself. I think this book is a great companion book to my book as one of the core steps of…

This is one of my favorite books of all time. Even though this book is not directly speaking about “personal branding” and while it is written for any type of proper brand communication including businesses, it contains a crucial element needed in personal branding which is “building a story brand”. By reading this book you will, same as I did, understand which words to use in which way so your potential clients will be listening. The book teaches you how to write powerful stories to truly engage with people. To become successful with a personal brand, writing a story about…

When I started my marketing journey I did it like everyone else, by speaking mostly about my business and company, thinking that is the best method to convince customers to work with me. After years of already working in marketing, I stumbled upon this book. By reading this book I realized I was wrong on so many levels in my marketing approach because of using incorrect words and speaking about the wrong subjects to potential customers. This book taught me most of the things I now know about creating a great brand story that truly engages with customers. This is…

The key ingredient to creating a company is having a great offering and an audience that desires it. The key ingredient to crafting an admired brand is understanding that story is key and Donald Miller’s book acts as your guide (to becoming a guide to your customers). You have to create the word before you can spread the gospel and this book will help you with both. 

From Fabian's list on on creating an admired brand.

My favorite piece of messaging advice comes from this book: you are not the hero of your business’s story – your customer is. In business, it’s far too easy to center yourself and create a message that’s all about you. This book reminds you that you are the guide for clients and your message should be centered on them. 

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