The best romance books featuring sexy rockstars that will make your heart skip a beat

Who am I?

I’ve always adored romance books—there’s nothing like the thrill of meeting characters that you know you’re going to fall in love with just as much as they’re going to fall in love with each other. I didn’t start out intending to write about rock stars. But when I was sitting down in front of that first blank screen looking for inspiration, it was a rock star that took shape in my mind. There is something so inherently appealing about the artistic, tortured souls of musicians. Relationships in the spotlight come with very special challenges, and I love exploring how characters navigate these while still developing passionate, soul-deep emotional bonds.

I wrote...

Fractured Hearts: A Fractured Rock Star Romance

By L.M. Dalgleish,

Book cover of Fractured Hearts: A Fractured Rock Star Romance

What is my book about?

After Lexie Daniels joins Fractured’s tour as their official photographer, she’s shocked by the desire the band’s gorgeous lead singer awakens in her—something she hasn’t experienced since losing her husband. Connor Byrne’s a playboy with no interest in love, and the last person in the world she should be drawn to, but one night with him might be exactly what she needs to bring her body back to life.

Except, there's more to the man behind the rock star than she thought, and one night isn’t enough for either of them. But Lexie can’t afford to give her still-healing heart to a man as out of reach as Connor. Because an already fractured thing is fragile—another break, and it might be shattered forever.

The books I picked & why

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Dirty Like Me: A Dirty Rockstar Romance

By Jaine Diamond,

Book cover of Dirty Like Me: A Dirty Rockstar Romance

Why this book?

This book holds a special place in my heart. It was the first rock star romance book I ever read, and introduced me to the seductive world of rock stars and the women that love them. It’s a story about an ordinary girl thrust into an extraordinary situation with a man that every woman wants. What ensues is a story of off-the-charts chemistry, sexual tension, and learning how to deal with the pressures of life in the spotlight. It’s a hot, fun read that will have you wanting to find your very own rock star to go on tour with. 

Beneath the Stars

By A.L. Jackson,

Book cover of Beneath the Stars

Why this book?

A.L. Jackson is a fantastic writer, who sucks you into the world of her rock stars and makes it so you never want to leave. Her books are emotional and gripping, and she’ll have you smiling and crying—sometimes at the same time. Beneath the Stars is the last book in her Falling Stars series, but it’s my favourite. This story of a broken, damaged soul hiding his pain from the world, only to be rescued by a woman who has survived her own trauma, is absolutely gorgeous. If you enjoy sexy, southern rock stars, a forbidden, brother’s best friend romance, and a love that will sweep you off your feet, you’ll adore this book!  

Blood and Bone

By Paula Dombrowiak,

Book cover of Blood and Bone

Why this book?

Paula Dombrowiak writes non-traditional rock star romances that will absolutely touch your heart. This is the first book in her Blood & Bone series and tells the story of middle-aged rock star Jack, who is being interviewed by Erin about the rise and fall of his nineties grunge band, including his tumultuous relationship with his former bandmate and collaborator, Mia. Paula paints a vividly realistic picture of the nineties grunge scene, skillfully mixing past and present to tell Jack’s heartbreaking story. This book is a beautifully written and emotional look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the rock star life. 


By Carian Cole,

Book cover of Asher

Why this book?

I love Carian Cole’s books. She writes the most beautifully emotional rock star romances, and the final book in her Ashes and Embers series is an unapologetic tear-jerker. This book asks the question: if two soulmates meet and fall in love, and then tragedy fundamentally changes one of them, are they still soul mates? The answer Carian Cole provides is a breathtakingly romantic story that will make you believe in true love that lasts forever. The fact that Asher is a sexy rockstar who could make anyone swoon is absolutely the icing on the cake.

Lick: A Stage Dive Novel

By Kylie Scott,

Book cover of Lick: A Stage Dive Novel

Why this book?

Lick was another of my earliest rock star romance reads. It takes the rock star trope and combines it together with the accidentally married trope, and I loved every second of it! It was so much fun reading about how these strangers deal with waking up after a wild night out on the town in Las Vegas only to realize they’re now married. That would be difficult enough without one of them being a very famous rock star. This story is sexy, entertaining, heartbreaking, and heartwarming, all at the same time. Not always an easy combination to pull off, but Kylie Scott manages it beautifully.

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