The best young adult books about figure skating that won’t make actual figure skaters cringe

Katie Van Ark Author Of The Boy Next Door
By Katie Van Ark

Who am I?

My hometown didn’t have an ice rink until I was in high school, but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with figure skating. From making backyard rinks to coaching learn-to-skate, I did everything I could to spend more time on ice. I also voraciously devoured books with even a hint (like a frozen pond!) of figure skating. All too often, these attempts to spend more time in the skating world only resulted in frustration when authors messed up key details. This list includes my favorite books about skating that fellow figure skaters can enjoy without inaccuracies tripping up their extra ice time.

I wrote...

The Boy Next Door

By Katie Van Ark,

Book cover of The Boy Next Door

What is my book about?

Maddy’s been in love with the boy next door for forever. She spends time in Gabe’s arms every day – as his skating partner. How can she convince him they’re meant to be partners off the ice as well? Gabe knows he needs Maddy to make it to the Olympics. He’s never dated anyone for more than two weeks and there’s no way he’s risking thirteen years of training until their coach forces his hand. Will their new romantic program be the big break Maddy’s been hoping for or the big break-up that Gabe has always feared?

The books I picked & why

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Every Reason We Shouldn't

By Sara Fujimura,

Book cover of Every Reason We Shouldn't

Why this book?

There are so many figure-skater-meets-hockey-player stories out there, and while I will always love The Cutting Edge, I adored how Sara Fujimura went for a new move with this novel by bringing in the world of speed skating. Olivia is the daughter of famous Olympians trying to figure out a normal teen life after her own skating falters. Her world collides with Jonah’s when he begins speed skating at her family’s struggling rink. A roller derby friend brings extra fun to this novel.

Crossing the Ice

By Jennifer Comeaux,

Book cover of Crossing the Ice

Why this book?

So much of pair skating relies on selling a romance – so what do you do when your feelings cross partnerships? Courtney’s skating with Mark, and their biggest rivals are Stephanie and Josh, so falling for Josh can’t be part of the plan except it’s happening anyway. Author Jennifer Comeaux calls herself a figure skating fanatic, and her passion for the sport shines in her writing. Grade of execution bonus: this book is the first in a trilogy.


By Tillie Walden,

Book cover of Spinning

Why this book?

This graphic novel memoir is a special favorite of mine because it depicts two areas that don’t get a lot of coverage in the figure skating world: synchronized skating and girl-girl romance. Though the book is ultimately about Tillie’s decision to leave the skating world, her years of experience in it mean that her gorgeous graphic work depicts a reality that will resonate with other skaters.

My Sergei: A Love Story

By Ekaterina Gordeeva, E. M. Swift,

Book cover of My Sergei: A Love Story

Why this book?

Though this book is technically not a young adult title, it’s one that young adult figure skating fans will enjoy. Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov are the classic real-life romance story when it comes to pair skating. When I first started drafting my own book, I had a romance like theirs in mind. In this book, Ekaterina details how she and Sergei met, and, through their years together, fell in love. Warning: their story will take your heart and rip it to pieces.

Wanted: One Perfect Boy

By Melissa Lowell,

Book cover of Wanted: One Perfect Boy

Why this book?

Wanted: One Perfect Boy is just one of the fantastic titles in the Silver Blades series by Melissa Lowell. This series, published during the 1990s heyday of skating, leans toward the tween crowd but is a great sentimental binge read. This particular title is about a pair partnership breakup, no romance involved, but still delivers all the feels in Nikki’s search for a new partner. 

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