Wild Hope

By Donna Ashworth,

Book cover of Wild Hope: Healing Words to Find Light on Dark Days

Book description

Find Hope and Solace in Inspirational Poetry from Scotland’s Poet Sensation and Sunday Times Bestselling Author

“Beautiful and uplifting” —Davina McCall
“So inspiring, so heartfelt ... the way Donna writes is beyond beautiful.” —Lisa Snowdon

#1 Best Seller in Love Poetry, Poetry by Women, and Emotional Self Help

Wild Hope…

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Doing the work to heal from the trauma of sexual abuse is arduous and definitely not linear. We go in and out, up and down, finding and retracing our feelings, remembering’s, beliefs, and judgment.

This book is a fantastic antidote to the poison we’re purging. More than half the page's top corners are turned down, so I can quickly go anywhere in Ashworth’s uplifting offerings and get a dose of light and even laughter, like her poem titled, Rest Here Awhile. Just reading that phrase helps me take a deep breath.  

Have you ever been lost for words? You know what you want to say but it sounds silly when you say it out loud? That was me when my mum died. I was burning with grief and couldn’t find a way out.

And then a friend told me about Donna and her poems. Her book, Loss, sang to me as I cried myself to sleep, and her new book, Wild Hope, gives me daily inspiration. It literally creates magic.

Let the book open to a random page and I guarantee it will give you the boost you need to…

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