What My Bones Know

By Stephanie Foo,

Book cover of What My Bones Know: A Memoir of Healing from Complex Trauma

Book description

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A searing memoir of reckoning and healing by acclaimed journalist Stephanie Foo, investigating the little-understood science behind complex PTSD and how it has shaped her life

“Achingly exquisite . . . providing real hope for those who long to heal.”—Lori Gottlieb, New York Times bestselling…

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Our bodies tell stories of remnants of the past and in this memoir, Stephanie Foo proved to us that the body will indeed keep traces of unmetabolized pain that runs through our families.

This book reflects the spirit of intergenerational trauma, but also of intergenerational healing and the ways in which cycle breakers, and particularly those who are immigrants, have to build from the ashes of burned-down dreams and broken hearts. It is a reflection of how generational resilience comes to life, even in the darkest of moments.

For me, this is the new Bible for healing from complex trauma.

First off, Foo offers a spoiler alert: that the book has a happy endingShe also invites the reader to skip the pages (if it’s triggering) where she describes her abusive childhood, resulting in her complex PTSD, and then maps out her journey to recovery (still in process), bringing a brilliant journalist’s eye view to numerous therapeutic approaches and the individual’s context in widespread generational trauma.

I loved this book because Foo is extremely funny, brave, brutally honest, and a riveting storyteller, and because it helped…

Stephanie Foo and I are the same age, grew up in the same place, and both live with complex PTSD as a result of our tumultuous childhoods. We have never met, but this memoir felt like a hug.

Years after distancing herself from her parents, Stephanie Foo can’t stop panicking or criticizing herself despite provable success. Foo deals with a subject by learning all about it, and she has brilliant feedback about the literature and therapeutic methods introduced for C-PTSD.

Ultimately, she provides clarity and hope for those of us who made it through hell but still expect disaster and…

In this memoir, Stephanie Foo, in my opinion, displayed remarkable courage and vulnerability.

The idea that you don't necessarily have to "move on" from your trauma but can instead learn to live with it was truly eye-opening for me. Often, we feel the pressure to completely move on and bury the difficult experiences we've endured in life, rather than accepting them and discovering ways to better cope.

Despite all the hardships Stephanie had to endure, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about her relationship with Joey and how he became an integral part of her support system and healing journey.

I highly…

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