The Wild Trees

By Richard Preston,

Book cover of The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring

Book description

Hidden in unseen valleys of dense rainforest on the coast of California are the world's tallest and largest things - trees up to forty stories tall and as old as the Parthenon: the coastal redwoods. Mysterious and unexplored, few people know how to find them, and fewer still have climbed…

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Fasten your seat belts, for Preston will take you on a wild and crazy journey up into the canopies of redwood trees.

You’ll join a brave and fearless troop of young explorers as they ascend ever higher into these magnificent trees to discover a world previously unseen. Strange critters, unusual plants, and an ecosystem unlike any on the forest floor come into view.

I have always believed that good nonfiction writing is also good storytelling. Preston is a master at weaving tales that capture readers’ imaginations and inform at the same time. His narrative bristles with mystery, intrigue, and rich…

From Anthony's list on trees and forests.

I spent half the time reading this book with my mouth open, occasionally gasping, "Wait… what?” I thought I was conversant in global habitats until I read about the canopies of Northern California’s coast redwoods. Who knew there were entire ecosystems teeming with life 300 feet in the air? This non-fiction book reads like a novel, and I was enthralled by the passionate group of people who love and climb the legendary trees, risking their lives in the process. While not a humorous book there are some wonderfully funny moments, and personally I find the idea of someone climbing a…

Before Richard Powers’s bestseller The Overstory, there was The Wild Trees. We love our trees in Cascadia—three of the world’s tallest tree species grow here. We’ve also harvested the hell out of them; just a small fraction of the biggest, oldest trees remain unlogged. Preston’s book about coast redwoods and the people who study, climb, and live among them is not only compelling journalism but a kind of memoir and, I’d venture to say, love story. I read it while hiking the Oregon Coast Trail, then gave it to a southbound cyclist I met at a campground on…

From Bonnie's list on Cascadia, unreal and real.

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