The Tibetan Book of the Dead

By Tibetan Yoga Academy,

Book cover of The Tibetan Book of the Dead: Bardo Thödol: Secrets of Life, Death, and Rebirth

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Unravel the Secrets of Life, Death, and Rebirth with the Tibetan Book of the Dead!

Have you always been intrigued by rebirth, death, and the afterlife?

Immerse in a whole new dimension and explore life and death from a completely different perspective with this book!

The Tibetan Book of the…

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For insights into non-western afterlife theory, the Bardo Thodol offers a collection of texts covering aspects of death, reincarnation, and the ‘space’ in between. The work, which dates back to the 8th century, serves as a ‘guidebook’ on preparing the soul for its continuing journey, including advice on meditation, the six states of consciousness, death rituals, and the pursuit of karma. Over the centuries the Bardo Thodol has inspired numerous interpretations as well as literary works. Screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin, who spent time secluded in a Buddhist monastery, describes his film Jacob’s Ladder as a modern take on the…

From Miriam's list on Heaven, Hell, and the Afterlife.

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