The Pathwork of Self-Transformation

By Eva Pierrakos,

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“The gift of Eva Pierrakos’s Pathwork has been with me for twenty years. It is the deepest and most effective spiritual work I have found, and it has helped me realize my dreams. Each time I read it, I am amazed at the depth and breadth of wisdom and love…

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Mystical quests are all well and good, but most things, even our quests, can be fodder for self-delusion. That’s just how humans are built. Learning the particulars of how we’re built is a powerful way to lessen that delusion. Sooner or later, some actual self-work becomes necessary. I haven’t come across a more effective roadmap to the self than what’s found in the Pathwork Lectures of Eva Pierrakos. This is channeled work, the idea of which may make you punch your computer screen. But the information in these lectures, about the inner workings of the human psyche, seems spot on.…

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