The Last Shadow Warrior

By Sam Subity,

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Percy Jackson meets Thor in a laugh-out-loud, action-packed adventure inspired by Norse mythology.

Twelve-year-old Abby Beckett is proud to come from a long line of elite Viking warriors known as the Aesir. She's spent her entire life training to hunt the horrific creatures known as Grendels--the ancient foe of the…

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This fun read, full of humor and adventure, is a mash-up of Viking lore and the story of Beowulf in a contemporary setting. Abby, grieving over the death of her mother, is also at a new school—not to mention training as the last of the Aesir warriors destined to hunt and kill Grendels. When a Grendel starts hunting her instead, Abby has a lot to unravel and conquer, fast. 

I adore quirky stories that play with Western myths (heck, I wrote one), and this book has that in spades. For kids that love Norse mythology, this will provide smiles, snorts,…

From Gabrielle's list on mythology-inspired middle grade fantasy.

Perfect for embracing your inner fantasy geek. Sam’s novel has been making the rounds among lots of us middle grade authors, and it’s gaining new fans every day. Not only is Sam an incredibly nice guy, but he’s written a compelling fantasy book with characters you cheer for and awesome shoutouts to old fantasy legends. Who doesn’t love ticking clocks, dangerous quests, and mythical monsters? You’ll love this.

From Ryan's list on embracing your inner geek.

The title alone alludes to the action in the book, but our heroine Abby is only beginning to understand her true warrior self. And coming to terms with that takes heart, as well as strength of character.

This book is a lively Beowulf-inspired adventure mixed with light-hearted humor and suspenseful cliffhanger action. Abby is trying to save her dad’s life, so the stakes couldn’t be much higher for her. But she’s also figuring out her place in the world without a mother. Learning her heritage and the power that runs in her veins is Abby’s true quest.

The monsters certainly…

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