The Girl Who Drank the Moon

By Kelly Barnhill,

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'This beautifully written, darkly funny coming-of-age story will enchant and entertain' Daily Mail

Every year, the people of the Protectorate leave a baby as an offering to the witch who lives in the forest. They hope this sacrifice will…

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This book pulls you in immediately with a fantasy premise reminiscent of the well-known short story The Lottery. Every year, a baby is abandoned in the forest. No one objects to the tradition. Until one mother does. But, despite her fighting, her baby is sacrificed, and she’s locked away. But the story is far from over.

It’s simply beautiful. The book holds a folkloric atmosphere where readers are surrounded by found family; positive relationships; a simply enormous dragon; a swamp monster; a Luna; Grandmama; a mad woman; paper birds; unconditional love, love that never divides but only multiplies; and…

My 12-year-old is not super free with her opinions, but I read this book and we did talk a lot about it.

This is a book whose form and components are a fairy tale’s, but although it stays true to its fairy tale nature, it goes to some very contemporary places: To the seductions of simple answers, to parents’ best-intentioned misuses of their power over children, to a person’s right to make their family in the way they want and need. I think she knows enough to see how those themes connect with the world around her.

(Of course, it…

Creating a book recommendation list of clean fantasy books with animal companions and not including The Girl Who Drank the Moon is like going ice skating without skates—I just can’t do it!

Though written for a middle grade audience, this fantasy novel is one all ages can enjoy. It is clean and the narrative focuses on found family, goodness in life despite bad things happening, and hope—there’s so much beautiful hope in this book. But wait; there’s more! The cast of lovable characters includes Fyrian, a Perfectly Tiny Dragon (who believes he is a Simply Enormous Dragon).

Every Luna needs…

The Girl Who Drank The Moon is a beautifully written book that flows like poetry. I loved the unique, interesting characters: the scar-faced boy who stands up to his corrupt town, the benefic witch who lives in the woods and rescues children sacrificed yearly out of fear, the wise swamp monster, and the beautiful child the witch rescues and enmagics by feeding her moonlight.

This book offers much to all ages: a tale of self-discovery and acceptance of who one really is, a fight against the status quo…and subsequent transcendence, plus as shown when the child’s paranormal powers first blossom,…

I absolutely love this book and the gentle magic in it. The way the author writes is like spun honey and the magic is lively and dreamy. The story is about a girl born with a mark given to the forest to die but was actually rescued by a witch who gave her moonlight to drink. Luna doesn’t know of her magic until she is eleven when her power awakes and the world opens up to her. I felt the magic in this book and identified with seeking a special purpose for your talents. I still feel the magic this…

Each year the people of the Protectorate leave a baby in the woods as a sacrifice. Xan, the witch, is kind and saves the babies, giving them to families who will love them. Until there is one baby she doesn’t give away and both of their lives are changed forever. The story and characters sucked me right into another world. I couldn’t put this book down! I loved thinking about the way the story was told and the way information was presented. There were a lot of layers to this book and I enjoyed making my way through each one.…

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As a Newberry Medal winner, you know Kelly Barnhill’s book will be fantastic, and it is. I originally bought this book because of the Newberry award, wondering what it takes to win this prestigious award. I was stunned by the level of creativity, world-building, and characters that you’ll feel you’ve known for years. Barnhill creates an incredibly imaginative world for her story. The story follows Luna who was given to the evil witch of the forest, Xan, (she isn’t so evil). Instead of giving Luna to a family, she raises the young girl in the forest. Through a series of…

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