The First Rule of Ten

By Gay Hendricks, Tinker Lindsay,

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'Don't ignore intuitive tickles lest they reappear as sledgehammers.' That's the first rule of Ten. In The First Rule of Ten, Tenzing Norbu ('Ten' for short) - ex-Buddhist monk and soon-to-be-ex-cop - takes on his first case as a private investigator in Los Angeles. Growing up in a Tibetan Monastery,…

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At first blush, Ten “Tenzing” Norbu seems to be just another jaded ex-cop turned cynical private investigator with a string of broken promises and a bitter ex. But Ten’s not your average ex-cop. For one thing, he’s also an ex-Buddhist monk. For another, his sidekick is a Persian cat named Tank. A chance encounter with a woman on the run from a cult leads to his first private case when the woman turns up dead. Ten’s reliance on his religious beliefs as he investigates her murder adds depth and meaning to this fast-paced mystery. Imperfect, but trying, Ten wormed his…

It’s great to find a first mystery novel written by an author who’s established himself previously in non-fiction. Like me, that is. The protagonist of this series, Tenzing Norbu, is a Tibetan monk turned cop turned private investigator, who brings his spiritual training to bear as he pursues bad guys. But Tenzing is no pious monastic. He loves cats (especially his own cat named Tank), beautiful women, cold beer, and fast-paced adventure. I love the combination of humor and action in the narrative, and the quirky character that Ten meets, employs, and captures. Definitely a different spin on the detective…

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