The Breathing Cure

By Patrick McKeown,

Book cover of The Breathing Cure: Develop New Habits for a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life

Book description

The Breathing Cure will guide you through techniques that embody the key to healthy breathing and healthy living. McKeown's goal is to enable you to take responsibility for your own health, to prevent and significantly reduce a number of common ailments, to help you realise your potential and to offer…

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Patrick is the Ninja of Nose Breathing! He is one of those special people who learned how to pick himself up by his own bootstraps! He healed himself of asthma and has helped thousands of others do the same. His first book, The Oxygen Advantage, was a game-changer. And his most recent book, The Breathing Cure takes the Oxygen Advantage to the next level! It is packed with practical teachings and filled with evidence-based exercises and resources guaranteed to help you improve a host of health issues, including stress, anxiety and panic disorders, snoring, Insomnia, lower back pain, high blood…

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