The Atlantis Syndrome

By Paul Jordan,

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This work unravels the whole Atlantis mythology, starting with the first reference to it in the works of Plato in about 360BC. It follows the evolution of the idea through classical times and the Middle Ages, and shows how the modern approach to the story was pioneered by an Italian…

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Whenever I encounter people who interrogate me concerning my archaeological skepticism that the “Lost Continent of Atlantis,” as described by Greek philosopher Plato in about 360 BC, was a real place or even one loosely based on an actual historical event, I invariably direct them to Paul Jordan’s thorough and definitive book. “But didn’t Plato say that Atlantis was real?” they ask. Nope. “But don’t ancient civilizations share so much in common they must have derived their cultures from a single source, Atlantis?” Nope. “But didn’t Plato base his discussion of Atlantis on the catastrophic destruction of the Minoan civilization?”…

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