By Guojing,

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This is a picture book. No words. Yet it displays the depth of human sensitivities as few books can. The sensitive bonding of a young woman and a dog. Each an outcast - wanting to belong - and finding this in each other. My heart opens every time I read this book. I never get tired of it. An inspiration into the kindest essence of life. It is absolutely magnificent.

The suspense builds in this wordless book that conveys a heartwarming story about friendship. Gorgeous golden-hued illustrations form a connection between a scruffy dog who lives under a park bench and a woman devoted to earning his affection. In the nail-biting climax, a crackling storm rages until love and trust collide. But will the new pup feel secure enough to hop into the woman’s bed? Share this touching tale with young dog lovers and let them tell you how this powerful story ends!

From Nancy's list on rescued dogs.

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