Stealing Fire

By Jo Graham,

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Alexander the Great's soldier, Lydias of Miletus, has survived the final campaigns of the king's life. He now has to deal with the chaos surrounding his death. Lydias throws his lot in with Ptolemy, one of Alexander's generals who has grabbed Egypt as his personal territory. Aided by the eunuch…

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Although Stealing Fire takes place during the early Successor Wars that followed Alexander’s death, it contains enough flashbacks to qualify as about Alexander too. Or really, about Hephaistion, whose presence is stronger. Like Renault and Tarr, Graham depicts Hephaistion’s relationship with Alexander as more than friendship. Her main character Lysias began as Hephaistion’s groom, then became an officer under his command. Lysias hero-worships Hephaistion. After Hephaistion’s, then Alexander’s, deaths, he falls under the command of Ptolemy, helping him to establish the Ptolemaic empire in Egypt. Like Tarr, Graham does very well at showing magic as conceived of in the…

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