Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

By Samin Nosrat, Wendy Macnaughton (illustrator),

Book cover of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

Book description

Now a major Netflix documentary
A Sunday Times Food Book of the Year and a New York Times bestseller
Winner of the Fortnum & Mason Best Debut Food Book 2018

While cooking at Chez Panisse at the start of her career, Samin Nosrat noticed that amid the chaos of the…

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Why read it?

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I believe 2 things without a shred of doubt: all humans are creative and anyone can cook. Samin Nosrat adds the critical finale: “…and make it delicious.”

Everyone can benefit from this book, especially those who appreciate good, well-executed dishes but dont quite understand what makes them so irresistible. As someone who didnt do much better than fail at high school and college science, Nosrat makes incredibly complex concepts simple and doable! Not to mention, its delightfully illustrated.

The infographics, tables, and flowcharts make the content engaging and accessible. It is a cookbook, indispensable…

I’ll admit I first picked up this book because it was adorable, with its cartoonish drawings. But after trying out a couple of recipes, I was hooked. The book’s title references the building blocks of any successful dish, and the theme throughout elaborates on these principles so that you’ll become a better cook with every section you read or recipe you prepare. The recipes don’t even begin til halfway through the book: The first part devotes a section each to the titular elements with instruction told through the filter of Nosrat’s life stories and experience—a treat for anyone who loves…

From Jessica's list on learning something new about cooking.

This book is essential for anybody that wants to become better at cooking. It's more like a cooking masterclass that will take you from an amateur home chef to a real pro. With helpful illustrations, this book not only features delicious recipes, but it feels like the author is actually there with you guiding and teaching you how to cook.

After reading it, you'll have a better understanding of different cooking techniques and how to make better use of the most important elements in cooking: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. 

From Mihaela's list on top cookbooks of all time.

Another book that has no cocktail recipes but one that we think is a must-read for anyone trying to improve their ability at making cocktails, or cooking skills for that matter.

Samin helps readers understand four key principles when it comes to cooking ingredients for recipes and mastering these principles, as with the fermentation book, will help you understand why ingredients react a certain way or influence a drink in a certain way.

From Noel's list on to improve cocktail making.

There may be 2 types of people in the kitchen: those who adhere to recipes and those who would rather improvise. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is for the latter group, while arming the former with the knowledge they need to become more intuitive. Following her own personal journey as a professional cook, Nosrat thoroughly outlines the basic elements that go into cooking any dish: salt, fat, acid, and heat. She then teaches us how to manipulate these elements to achieve success in our own kitchens. Part reference, part cookbook, this informative book combines clear science with the sensual pleasures of…

From Molly's list on cookbooks for everyday meals.

The key to amazing homemade pizza is balance. Since only so many ingredients can fit on a round of dough, everything shines through and it’s obvious when the flavors aren’t working well together. This book, by the incredible Samin Nosrat, will help you learn how to create balance in pizza and all your home cooking.

From Peggy's list on making pizza from scratch.

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